The rules for posting on social media are constantly changing. There are no official rules, per se, but there is a general consensus on what is appropriate social media behavior for a business. Each different outlet has different rules so we will discuss some of the most popular below…


For a number of years, Facebook was the most popular social media outlet for businesses. Facebook posts were viewed by many fans, allowing for extensive interaction. Then Facebook changed its algorithm. Once that happened, business pages found it much more difficult to garner attention. It is understandable as Facebook wants businesses to pay to “boost” posts, allowing more people to see them. We typically recommend that clients post to Facebook a number of times per week. This allows them the opportunity to have their posts appear to a variety of different consumers. If it is an important post, revolving around a marketing campaign, we recommend they boost the post, ensuring a larger audience.


As Twitter has become more popular, posts are less likely to be seen. Because of this, we recommend that clients post to Twitter multiple times throughout the day. While this can be time consuming, it is the most effective method to reach the most followers on this outlet.


We recommend that clients also post on Google+. While it is not used by consumers as much as the other social media outlets, it can help with Google search. Ideally posts will include pertinent links to the client’s website, helping with search engine results.

For all outlets, social media is an interactive medium. If someone responds to one of your posts, you should immediately reply. This interaction will also allow your post to become more visible. The more visible your post, the more interaction you will have.

Finally, educate and entertain. Social media is not the place for the hard sell. People can choose to not see your posts and that wont get you anywhere.