Albanese Consulting Group is full-service marketing, public relations and design firm with offices in Connecticut. Our team members each have at least of decade of experience in their respective fields and we work as a team with you to grow your business. We provide every client with an individualized program based upon their needs and special business considerations. The program will be developed and implemented by senior staff, providing top-notch, creative solutions to your business needs. Our plans are designed to increase sales, improve image and impact your bottom line. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Anne Albanese - President


Anne Young Albanese has more than 20 years experience in public relations where she crafted compelling messages for clients such as New York City, Nikon, and Sierra Software among others. In her more than 25 years of experience in the marketing and public relations fields, she has achieved success with new product launches, company publicity, and internal communications, all of which have led to greater sales and exposure.

She founded Albanese Consulting Group to bring New York City marketing experience to smaller businesses. While a client may not be able to afford a NYC agency, it still deserves the same expertise and experience as its larger competitors. Albanese Consulting Group provides that expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Albanese earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lehigh University, a masters degree in communications from Iona College and an MBA in marketing from the University of Wisconsin. She lives in Redding, CT with her husband and 2 daughters.

Frank Albanese - Creative Director

2015-05-12-09.49.44SMCFrank is a multimedia, web and graphic designer.  At Affinion Group he created  a variety of multimedia and interactive projects including videos for the web. DVD and TV. In addition he has designed interactive flash web sites, landing pages banners, email and more. Frank has contributed in the development of numerous brand-driven creative efforts designed to enhance consumer loyalty and compound alternative revenue for Affinion’s partners in business. He has created numerous materials for marketing partners such as: Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase 53rd Bank, NBC Universal, FYE retailers, American Express, Victoria’s Secret, and 1-800-Flowers and many more. These programs offer enhanced customer engagement opportunities for their respective brands, and continue to generate substantial revenue streams for both their organizations and Affinion Group. He has been recognized by the company and has received a “Standing Ovation Award” for his work.

Prior to that Frank was employed by Waterworks as their in-house graphic designer. He designed and maintained the company’s web site and intranet. to reflect brand image and brand messages. He managed the conception and layout of internal projects which include, logo placement, tear sheets, in store graphics, packaging, stationary, initiations, advertising layout and trade show exhibits.

When he was employed at Aris Global, he designed and created graphics and  layout for the company Web sites, intranet, signage, printed and online ads,  brochures, invitations, CD-ROM covers and other marketing materials.  He designed graphics for an award-winning 20×20 trade show booth, used at the pharmaceutical industry’s largest annual trade show.

Frank has freelanced for a variety of companies which includes promotional agencies, exposition companies, market research firms,  public relations agencies, non-profits, internet and software companies.

As the manager of web design for Greenfield Online, Frank was responsible for maintaining the company’s numerous  Web sites as well as the company Intranet. He worked on numerous interdepartmental teams to meet each division’s  Internet and graphics goals.

As the webmaster for eTechnology Corporation Frank developed sites for clients such as, and He was also responsible  for all the graphic design and web development for the entire company.

Frank earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts and photography from Southern Connecticut University .