With so many graphic design and tech companies out there, it’s hard to know where to turn when you need something really special. When we needed to rev up a presentation, Albanese Consulting came to the rescue with a creative treatment that brought our Powerpoint to life. Not only was the project on time and on budget, but it far exceeded our expectations. In fact, the video was so well received that it migrated to our digital signage in corporate headquarters where it is in regular rotation. From start to finish, the design team was professional, insightful and dynamic. Their knowledge of the latest and greatest technology – and how to use it – is hard to beat.

Thanks, Albanese Consulting!

Deborah M. Bernstein,
Director, Internal Communications, Americas


Working with Albanese Consulting Group has been a great experience for me.  I have over the past three years gone through many different marketing consultants who have never really had my and my business’s best interest at heart.  I truly feel Anne and her company listened to the needs I expressed and have worked hard at targeting clients to get into my door.  Also, they have reported to me on a consistent monthly basis with an overview of my numbers, will send press releases for me at the drop of a hat, and I’m seeing a more constant flow of new clients calling and coming in my door in just two months!  Having them local to me is also a big plus, because I can see them often, and they are familiar with the Area my business is in.

Don’t wait! Start using them today

Nicole Almeida
Owner, Arthur Murray Dance Studio


Albanese Consulting Group  was  an amazing support and huge  component  in starting my own business.  Anne and Frank had wonderful ideas and knowledge on how to promote my business. They were always available  if I had a question  and were  quick to help. This team  seems to be the perfect fit for my business. They work so well together, and are so helpful  and creative….

Thank you Anne and Frank for your  support knowledge and expertise.

Lisa A Tenore
Owner of  Forza5 Holistic Fitness and healing Center