Our Areas of Expertise:

For nearly 15 years, Albanese Consulting Group has provided effective, measurable marketing communications programs to help businesses grow and prosper. We’ve worked with a variety of clients in diverse industries including healthcare (CenterLight Health System), travel (Carlson), business services (Affinion Group), and entertainment (Arthur Murray). ACG has helped businesses hone their marketing messages, increase visibility and grow sales.

Our campaigns are distinguished by their ability to achieve measurable goals and by their strategic relevance. We work with clients to develop programs crafted to meet specific objectives. Examples include (case studies are available):

  • Effective National, Regional or Local Media Relations Campaigns
  • Compelling Copy to Drive Results
  • Impactful Web Sites
  • Dynamic Video
  • Animations

Our expertise

Our expertise covers the full gamut of communications needs and we interface with the complete range of resources – PR agencies, client personnel and media outlets. This allows us to bring different perspectives to the table, maximizing results. Our diversity allows us to draw from a variety of tactics to choose the most appropriate one.

All programs are led by Anne Young Albanese, president of Albanese Consulting Group. Albanese has more than 25 years experience directing public relations, marketing communications and promotion campaigns for diverse clients such as Nikon, New York City, the island of Curacao, Sierra Software and many more. Through an extensive network, Albanese Consulting Group is able to fulfill any marketing communications needs. Some of our strengths include:


Branding is an important step necessary for every business. It can strengthen a communications program and greatly improve any sales effort. It differentiates your business and makes it stand out from your competitors. Albanese Consulting Group will develop a complete branding program including the research, documents and designs to make your business stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression with your clients.

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Marketing communications is all about what formation is presented and how it is received. Albanese Consulting Group has the experience and expertise to craft compelling copy for websites, white papers, newsletters, bylined articles and blog posts. Along with creating award-winning web copy, Albanese Consulting Group has written countless informative articles that have been published directly into targeted publications. The agency’s newsletters enjoy high open rates and its white papers and case studies have garnered new and potential client attention.

Graphic & Web Design

The visual appearance of marketing materials can make the difference between potential customers seeking further information or going to a competitor. Albanese Consulting Group’s design team ensures that your materials are worth a second look. Whether your looking for print or online, Albanese Consulting Group will help you provide both professional and visually pleasing marketing materials.

Media Relations


While you telling someone your product or service is great, having someone else say the same thing is much more effective. Albanese Consulting Group will work with media outlets to get reporters and editors to cover your story. This is different than advertising. It is an unbiased endorsement through editorial coverage. Media relations is one of the most effective marketing tools available.



Whether you are looking to improve client retention, increase existing client expenditures, or attract new clients, promotions are an effective method to drive sales directly. Albanese Consulting Group will analyze your business and it’s goals to develop a customized promotional program designed to increase sales and impact your bottom line. Our clients have enjoyed successful premium distribution programs, discounts and sales, bring a friend, partnership marketing, loyalty programs, and top of mind programs.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Vine are just a few social media outlets that are out there vying for your attention. Social media can be time consuming and confusing. Albanese Consulting Group can help. We can educate you on which social media outlets will be most effective for your business, how to increase your exposure, and how to use social media to actually grow your business.


Strategic Marketing Communications Plans


If you are looking to take your business to the next level, you need to change and increase your marketing efforts to help you grow. Albanese Consulting Group will develop and implement a full-scale marketing communications plan designed to meet your budget and reach your goals.

Video and Animation

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Albanese Consulting Group is one of the few marketing communications agencies that can provide professional videos and animation without having to outsource. This allows us to ensure the production fits with your budget, goals and branding without the confusion that a third party can bring.